The experts who develop the JPEG file format are working on an international standard to make it easier to detect fake media

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Even a cursory glance at the history books is enough to realize that there is nothing new about fake media. A good example is Richard III of England, whose surviving portraits show a twisted and deformed hunchback, with narrow, dark eyes and cruel, thin lips.

Thanks to modern scanning techniques…

How quantum computers work and why we should start worrying about quantum cryptography now

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It is a common fallacy that quantum computers are faster than classical computers and it is easy to see where the idea comes from. After all, as processors have shrunk in size, computing has become quicker, which has led some to assume that quantum computers must be even faster because…

A UN report highlights the vulnerability of the healthcare sector and suggests a cybersecurity code of conduct for nation states

Hospitals are relatively easy targets for cyber-criminals. (Photo by on )

The United Nations has adopted a landmark report on cybersecurity after a unanimous vote in favour. , all 193 member states have voted to approve a set of .

The report notes that in recent years nation states…

Physical and logical access controls are key to cybersecurity

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There is an old joke that “snowwhiteandthe7dwarfs” is an ideal password because it contains eight characters and a number. It makes us smile because most of us have been annoyed about having to update our log-in credentials at one time or another. But access control is no laughing matter.


Why cyber-security relies on understanding the differences between IT and cyber physical systems

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Federal agencies and a cyber-security service provider that counts the government and Fortune 500 companies among its clients are all victims of recent s in the United States. There are fears that the hackers may also be targeting the private sector. …

A leading technology expert discusses the dos and don’ts of chairing large meetings online

International technology standards not only promote best practices in efficiency, trustworthiness and safety, but also they are essential for the . They are developed and agreed through a process of consensus that relies on at least some face to face meetings between engineers, scientists, regulators…

An effective governance model ensures that good cybersecurity and practices and procedures are maintained properly

Intrusion detection and prevention in the Wild West. (Publicity still for the Rustlers Of The Badlands 1945 movie with Tex Harding (right) and Dub Taylor (left). Source: )

In the movies, cyber-crime is often portrayed as a modern-day Western, with good and bad nerds shooting code at each other instead of bullets. The truth is far more mundane. Very often data breaches happen simply because employees are negligent or make mistakes.

According to a from IBM and…

It is crucial to have a clear picture of who exactly you are targeting, how they consume content and what they care about. (Photo by on )

Choosing the right media channels to reach your stakeholders and clients is a tough challenge because it is easy to get wrong. It is even harder for small teams with limited resources.

A website and corporate presence on the most relevant social media platforms — usually Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and…

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